Taipei Book Fair 2019, Taiwan

Exhibition Concept & Design, Interactive Concept, International Book Fairs, On-site Management, Stand Construction

Guest of Honor Germany – German Stories

On 440 sqm, Germany presents itself under the motto „German Stories“ at the Taipeh International Book Exhibition. Meeting place for all is the central „storyline,“ with his long table running across the stand as a passage. Everyone is invited to take a seat here: Publishers, authors, translators and visitors from the stand can meet each other and exchange ideas at eye level. Thirteen German authors will present their works on site in tandem with Taiwanese authors: Dr. Regina Bittner, Theresia Enzensberger, Sebastian Fitzek, Arne Jysch, Marc-Uwe Kling, Miriam Meckel, Axel Scheffler, Wilhelm Schmid, Ronen Steinke, Stephan Thome, Holger Volland, Ferdinand von Schirach and Alexander von Schönburg.
The construction of the stand consists of simple materials: Scaffolding sticks and wooden beams. Combined with the magnificent pink ceiling sails and velvety curtains creates an atmosphere, temporary, improvised, artificial, luminous and stimulating.

Quick Facts

    • Name: Guest of Honor Germany, Taipei, Taiwan
    • Year: 2019
    • Location: Taipei
    • Size: 440 m²
    • Client: Frankfurt Book Fair
    • Project Scope: Exhibition Design, Corporate Design and Stand Building