ID Wall

Corporate Design, Interactive Concept, International Book Fairs

ID Wall – International Book Fairs

In 2014, Scheßl/Weismüller was assigned to design a new concept for the German Collective Stands on international Book Fairs, organized by the Frankfurt Book Fair. The main idea of this concept was to focus on communication and to create a central hub to encourage interaction between exhibitors, visitors, and guests. Scheßl/Weismüller invented the signature element for this hub idea, the so-called ID Wall. The ID Wall works as a writeable blackboard. Together with a polaroid camera, a unique and ever-growing picture is designed by exhibitors and visitors. It is used to announce events, introduce staff and exhibitors, or is just filled with ideas people like to share at the stand. The ID Wall visualizes the interactions at different locations, strengthens the identification with the community and, first and foremost, works as a communicative tool that brings people together.