Bruker Exhibition Stands, Europe, Middle East

Corporate Design, Exhibition Concept & Design, On-site Management, project management, Stand Construction

Bruker Exhibition Stand

Since 2013, Scheßl/Weismüller has been appointed by Bruker Corporation, a leading high-tech manufacturer of scientific instruments for molecular and materials research, to plan and build their exhibition stands at trade fairs and scientific conferences in Europe and the Middle East. The exhibition design is modular and can be set up in variable sizes and different surroundings to be highly adaptable, yet customizable. Over the years, the stand size has varied between 16 and 250 sqm.

Quick Facts

    • Name: Bruker
    • Year: 2013-2019
    • Location: Europe and Middle East
    • Size: 16 m² – 250 m²
    • Client: Bruker Corporation
    • Project Scope: Exhibition design, Project Management, Stand Building