Bruker New Exhibition Concept

Corporate Design, Exhibition Concept & Design, On-site Management, project management, Stand Construction

Next Generation Booth

Bruker Corporation is a leading high-tech manufacturer of scientific instruments for molecular and materials research. After years of building Bruker booths at trade shows and scientific conferences, we developed a completely new concept in 2022.

Light effect wall, Lab and newsroom

The booth combines a laboratory for the presentation of instruments and technologies and a communicative hospitality area.

Light effect wall

The Bruker logo is staged on a wall with fascinating lighting effects. They are created with LEDs and a special textile fabric.

Bruker Lab

Bruker instruments are presented in the laboratory. The entire product ranges on the respective topics can be experienced via touch screens.

Coffee Ape in Bruker newsroom

Hospitality in the Bruker newsroom with barista and a professional coffee bar on an Italian Piaggio Ape

Quick Facts

    • Name: Bruker
    • Year: 2022 –
    • Location: Europe and Middle East
    • Size: 24 m² – 200 m²
    • Client: Bruker Corporation
    • Project Scope: Corporate Design, Exhibition design, Project Management, Stand Building