Exhibition Concept & Design, Interactive Concept, Media Concept, On-site Management


1-13 September Duisburg North Landscape Park
de-symphonic is a multi-channel installation by sound artist Werner Cee. It was performed from September 11-13 at Landschaftspark Duisburg Nord.
The 6th Symphony (Pastorale) by Ludwig van Beethoven is decomposed and reassembled in 13 stations. The stations are distributed over an area of approx. 6000 square meters in the landscape park and form a soud guided tour.
„The noises and sounds already found in the location are included in the sound installation. They are part of the composition, just like the instrumental music, which itself becomes the sound of the landscape.“


2D becomes 3D

Communication in Space

Scheßl / Weismüller translated the elements of visual communication (mediaDEVICE) into a spatial concept for the reception area and the orientation system.
The logo was broken down into its elements and reassembled in spatial levels piling up one behind the other like in an exploded drawing. Attached to an existing steel construction it marked the reception area. A long table, positioned under the logo, welcomed the visitors as a meeting point and provided all necessary information.

Follow the sound

The orientation system offered a visual complement to the sound-guided tour through the park.


A lot of euro-boxes to work with

Euro Box – Circular Economy

de-symphonic is part of the Beethoven Pastoral Project, that is committed to climate protection and sustainability. Our structural elements are constructed from Euro Boxes. For three days they found a new role as space-creating elements and furniture systems before they returned to their function as plastic containers in the circular economy.

Quick Facts

    • Name: De-Symphonic
    • Year: 2020
    • Location: Landschaftspark Duisburg Nord
    • Size: about 40.000m²
    • Client: Flesch
    • Project Scope: Exhibition Design, Interactive Concept, On-Site Management