Acrex, Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, India, 2013-2017

Exhibition Concept & Design, German Pavilion, On-site Management

German Pavilion

The German Pavilion at the Acrex show represents and features German companies from the HVAC, Refrigeration, and Building Automation Systems industries. Scheßl/Weismüller’s exhibition design relates to the subject area by incorporating stylized graphic elements of ice crystals and ventilators. The info area is marked by two high towers flanking an installation of white snowflake-inspired lamps. Here people meet and greet before entering the lounge behind the towers.


Quick Facts

    • Name: Acrex
    • Year: 2013-2017
    • Location: Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore, India
    • Size: 162m²-180m²
    • Client: Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy
    • Project Scope: Exhibition design, Stand Building
    • Partner: NürnbergMesse