Corporate Design, Interactive Concept, International Book Fairs

Complete the Quotes of Authors – International Book Fairs

In 2015, Scheßl/Weismüller was assigned to design a new concept for the German Collective Stands on international book fairs organized by the Frankfurt Book Fair. Aimed at visitors interacting and engaging with literature, Scheßl/Weismüller invented so-called „Literature Towers“. The towers had incomplete quotes from contemporary authors on display, clearly visible from far. The visitors were invited to complete these quotes on postcards and attach them to the „Literature Towers“. At the Turin Book Fair, visitors were also able to access the quotes online, enabling real time updates and immediate on-screen display. The result was a stunning kaleidoscope of the collective visitors’ literary mind: featuring romantics to politics recollections, spelled out by young and old – engaging with and immersing themselves in literature.