Mobile World Congress, Barcelona, Spain

Corporate Design, Exhibition Concept & Design, On-site Management

North-Rhine Westfalia (NRW) Collective Stand

With the theme „NRW – The Mobile Power of Germany“, 22 exhibitors from the German state NRW were featured at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the world’s premier trade fair and platform for mobile communications. Scheßl/Weismüller has been designing the NRW International Stand from 2008 to 2017 with outstanding success. The stand design highlights NRW’s prime strategic location in the heart of Europe with its specific significance for the mobile business. Through its color scheme, choice of materials and high visibility design, this booth has successfully established a distinguished and memorable NRW brand.

Quick Facts

    • Name: Mobile World Congress, Barcelona, Spain, NRW Collective Stand
    • Year: 2008 – 2017
    • Location: Barcelona
    • Size: 172,5 m²
    • Client: NRW.International
    • Project Scope: Exhibition Design, Corporate Design